Family friendly apps for your mobile devices

Monster Truck Doodle

Truck Doodle is fun, yet simple app that allows your little ones to design their very own monster trucks!


Cupcake Doodle

Make stunning cupcakes with Cupcake Doodle! Choose from 15 fun batters, like Confetti, Green Tea or Mississippi Mud.


Fashion Doodle

Let your little one design clothes that you'd actually let her wear! Design skirts, dresses, blouses and pants with a variety of styles.


Cookie Doodle

If you enjoy making cookies but hate the mess, this is the app for you. Cookie Doodle provides the dough, a rolling pin, cookie cutters, frostings, sprinkles, and candy toppings all in one easy to use package.

Cake Doodle

Need a cake in a hurry for that special occasion? Love to decorate cakes, but hate the dirty pans, messy counters and hot kitchen? Cake Doodle is the answer!

Gingerbread Doodle

Don't have the time (or patience) to make a gingerbread house from scratch, but still want the fun of decorating one? Gingerbread Doodle to the rescue!


Snow Doodle

Do you love making snowmen, but hate the cold? Do you live someplace where it does not snow? No worries! With Snow Doodle, you can build the perfect snowman inside the comfort of your own home!


Mask Doodle

Looking for a fun fall activity for your little goblins? Try Mask Doodle!
Mask Doodle lets kids create, decorate and print custom masks.


Shoe Doodle

Design the perfect shoe with Shoe Doodle! Do you need a leopard-skinned sneaker with a stiletto heel? Done! How about a black pump with red racing stripes? Done! High tops with rhinestones and a pinwheel? Yep! The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Caboodle Doodle

Create spectacular works of art by shooting paint froma canon, flinging it from a slingshot, splattering it with a toothbrush, or drizzling it from a sqeeze bottle.

Tie Dye Doodle

Tie Dye Doodle lets you tie dye your way. Choose your shirt, fold it, place the rubber bands, pick your colors and add the dye any where you want. There are infinite design possibilities.

Donut Doodle

Become a donut master, and create realistic gourmet donuts from scratch on your iPhone or iPad.


Icebox Doodle

There's no need to dig through the couch for lost coins when you hear the ice cream truck. Instead, open Icebox doodle and make your own ice pops, pudding pops, smoothie pops, frozen bananas, and shave ice.

Candy Doodle

Candy Doodle lets you make mouth watering confections from scratch. Shake, twist, and tilt your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad to add ingredients. Watch as the ingredients boil, pop, and cook.

Jelly Doodle

This isn't your grandma's gelatin dessert, and you won't get in trouble for poking, stretching, or bouncing it off the walls.